5 Ways Exercise Improves Work Performance

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

Exercise, as we all know, has countless benefits. It helps strengthen the heart, prevent disease and lower blood pressure. It can also lead to success in the workplace. Below is a list that highlights five ways exercise improves work performance. These include increased confidence, resilience, better mood, higher energy levels and improved cognitive function.

Various studies have made the confidence boosting effects of exercise clear. The achievement derived from sticking to a regime or seeing changes in strength encourages a confidence that spills over into other aspects of our lives. People who exercise regularly communicate better, assert themselves and are generally more productive.

The increasing rigour of most work environments requires a high level of resilience. According to research conducted at Princeton University, exercise reduces the ability of stress and anxiety to interfere with normal brain function. The people who thrive in challenging work environments are those who are flexible and capable of handling difficult and unexpected events. The ever-changing nature of our world means that learning to handle difficulties in the work place should be at the very top of our lists.

According to the Harvard Business Review, given the unavoidable nature of workplace interactions, a negative attitude can have direct repercussions for future success. One of the best ways to encourage a more positive outlook is through exercise. Physical activity encourages the release of feel-good hormones known as endorphins. These induce a feeling of euphoria which encourages a better mood and better work relationships.

When we exercise, our sleep quality improves. As a result, we have more energy to expend on our work during the day. Higher energy levels are often linked to improved efficiency, quick recovery from distractions and better decision-making, all great qualities to help improve work performance.

The effect that exercise has on our brains results in boosted cognitive function. Among the many benefits of high energy activities are concentration, creativity and sharper memory, all of which lead to a more productive and enjoyable work day.

When it comes to our careers, we all want to excel. Exercise is a great way to ensure you improve work performance. Just thirty minutes a day can leave you feeling more confident, resilient, happy, energetic and focussed, all excellent attributes of a successful young professional.

If you're not fully convinced yet, read through this young professional's productive daily routine! (PS, it includes exercise).

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