Building an Online Presence: Tips from a Digital Marketing Specialist

I truly believe that we all have the power to do whatever we set our minds to, and the great thing about digital marketing, especially, is that you can learn and practice at least 95% of the concepts online. As things change so fast and new tools are created every day, the onus really is on you to stay abreast with everything that is going on in the industry and to continue to learn.

Some great and FREE resources I would recommend for anyone looking into getting into digital marketing would be the HubSpot Academy, Google’s Skill Shop and the Facebook Blueprint. These are all great resources that will allow you to get your feet wet and immerse yourself into a number of digital marketing topics. These resources will also provide you with certifications once you are done with the programmes if you wish to pursue them (which I highly recommend if you are just starting out as they will help you build up your credibility).

Another thing that I would recommend, both for students and recent grads, no matter what field you are in but especially important if you are looking to get into digital, is to invest in your digital presence. Create a personal website that showcases who you are, your work and what you bring to the table. There are so many people who are vying for the same job that you are applying for and you want to have a leg up on the competition, and having a personal website is one way you can stand out. You can purchase a domain in your name (e.g. on a site like GoDaddy, and use a website builder like WordPress, Squarespace or Wix (I use Wix for mine), and create a site that you can use to supplement your applications.

On a similar note, personal branding, especially in the digital space, is also key. Being active on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter will enable you to be more visible in the space than other candidates who aren’t doing the extra work. LinkedIn, especially in North America, is one of recruiters’ go-to tools when looking for candidates, and having a complete and active LinkedIn profile can help you to stand out and allow recruiters to find you. It can be scary to engage in these platforms (I know I was in the beginning!) but starting small by liking and commenting on content that resonates with you or that you find interesting is a great place to start and then you can work on creating your own content from there.

Finally, GOOGLE YOURSELF! Do a quick search of your name and see what comes up. If there is stuff on there that you wouldn’t want people to see, try and remove it by either deleting the account, contacting the site owner and requesting they remove the content, or contacting Google directly and requesting they remove the content. When recruiters are considering you for a job, BEST BELIEVE they are googling you and checking out your social media and online footprint before they make their decision. You have the power to control what they see, so make it work to your advantage!

About the Author:

Sam is a digital marketer and speaker who places community at the heart of all her work. She is also the Co-Founder of Find Your Tribe, an Ottawa-based community hub that provides professional development opportunities for People of Colour and Allies through networking events, panel discussions and workshops.

As a strong believer in collaboration over competition, her goal is to use digital tools to bring people together, particularly marginalized and underrepresented groups, so that they can connect with each other, learn and grow together.

No matter which hat she is wearing - be it digital marketer, community builder, or public speaker -her goal is simple... to use the power of digital marketing to form connections and build community.

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