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Cape Town | Vintage Eats with Our Local

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Our Local @ 117” is an unassuming gem I discovered just up Kloof Street. I stumbled in one day looking to find a spot for a last minute birthday date, and returned a week later with a group of friends. Quirky, cool and filled with vintage goodies, this seems the perfect spot to begin what I hope will be a weekly series of exploring Cape Town's best Sunday Brunch spots, and bringing you along as the girls and I gallivant, and eat our way, through this beautiful city.

Vintage finds and overflowing greenery: a combination you never knew you needed!

To put it simply, “Our local” is “voibe!”. As you walk in through the industrial olive green double doors, repurposed from old shipping containers, you are met with hanging chairs (yes, off the ceiling), vines, ferns and a world of greenery. At first you’re not too sure if you’re inside or if you’ve walked into a courtyard: the space is gorgeous.

Going further in you are met by what I can only describe as beautiful chaos. What would be, in any other place, a haphazard collection of vintage goods, manages to be effortlessly chic. Think Hogwarts botany class with Persian rugs, and typewriters. It just works. This place isn’t trying too hard and yet they hit the mark! Running down the centre of the room is a long dining table that could easily seat 24 people. This layout encourages a dining experience reminiscent of a family feast or a really fancy boarding school, but in a good way. If eating whilst rubbing shoulders gives you indigestion, then fear not, there’s more intimate tabes dotted around, with a gorgeous room in the back offering a more intimate dining experience.

The menu

The breakfast menu didn’t have as much variety as I’d hoped for, unfortunately. Our table had the cheese toastie, creamy chicken livers served on a croissant with a poached egg, and two BLT’s. The cheese toastie was deliciously homie, the BLT could’ve used a bit more B, but was otherwise alright, and the chicken liver dish tasted great.

The service

Though the staff was really friendly, the easy going, seat yourself nature of the restaurant, made it easy to be forgotten. Given that we went on a quiet day, I worry what the service is like when its busy. This being said, the Front of House Team, was overall incredibly pleasant, and eager to enhance your experience with anything you needed.


If you’re in the mood for an easy going, picturesque brunch with a Cape Town quirk aesthetic, then this place is worth a try. All the vintage finds will have you 'oohing' and 'aahing' whilst you wait for your meal. With the bill coming up to ZAR115 per person, “Our Local” is definitely a Sunday brunch steal.


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