How to Control Winter Weight Gain

The colder months of the year are synonymous with unwanted weight gain. When you can throw thick winter clothing over fast expanding waistlines, there’s no reason to examine unhealthy habits. The consequences are only ever felt when it starts to get warmer and clothing becomes scarcer. Luckily for us, winter weight gain doesn’t have to happen constantly. By finding healthy replacements, controlling portion size, shopping smartly and having a treat occasionally, you can learn to control winter weight gain.

To avoid heavy and unhealthy winter fare, consider making some small adjustments to the meals you prepare. Changes are simple to make and include replacing croutons in soup with crunchy vegetables, thickening sauces with sweet potato flour instead of cream and taking hot beverages with honey in place of sugar.

It is a known fact that as temperatures drop, we consume more food than normal. There are a number of scientific reasons for this including changes in our bodies’ hormonal balance and inherited survival techniques. Because our bodies don’t need all that food, the excess is stored as fat. To control winter weight gain, start eating slowly, using smaller plates and having frequent meals. Eating slowly allows you to feel when you’re full while smaller plates give the illusion of more food. Finally, frequent meals alleviate unnecessary cravings and snacking.

It’s so much easier to reach for a bar of chocolate when it’s already in the house. Make sure you leave all the ‘bad stuff’ in the supermarket where it belongs. Luckily for us, the most unhealthy snacks are stocked in a single isle. This makes it easier for us to avoid them. Lastly, whatever you do, do not go shopping on an empty stomach.

Healthy eating means being in control of when and what you eat. It’s never a good idea to eat junk food every single day. It is, however, necessary to do so every once in a while to ensure you stay sane. The easiest way to do this is through a planned cheat meal every week or two. You’ll be free to satisfy your cravings while minimising guilt and damage. You must, however, avoid making your cheat meal a cheat day. This can seriously put a dent in the hard work you’ve been putting in.

Healthy substitutes, controlled portions, limiting junk food and having an occasional treat are all great ways to ensure you aren’t scrambling to lose weight come summer. Now that you have these useful tips, there's no reason not to control winter weight gain. What do you do to stay healthy in winter? Share your ideas in the comment section below!

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