In Conversation with Ropafadzo Murombo: Data Analyst, Photographer and Podcast Presenter

Whether she's interviewing one of her guests on her podcast, Afro Comb, photographing a spectacular event or pursuing her dream of becoming a Data Analyst, Ropafadzo Murombo manages to do it all while finding the time to pursue her more leisurely pursuits. We caught up with her a few weeks ago to find out how she manages to balance it all.

What's your educational background?

I did my bachelor’s degree at Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW Berlin) in International Business and am currently doing my master’s degree at Humboldt University, in Economics and Management Science (MEMS).

Could you tell us a bit more about where you see your career taking you?

I am an aspiring Data Analyst. When I finish my masters, I want to work in software companies as a data analyst in the area of Go To Market strategy. I believe in the power of data-driven strategy. I am also particularly passionate about the world of tech because it’s very future driven. It’s always about moving forward, looking ahead, building solutions, and solving problems.

I have actually, worked in tech throughout both my bachelors and masters. I split my time between work and school 50/50 (lol and somehow graduate on time). I work for B2B software companies.

What’s it like balancing your studies with work?

Working and studying is hard, especially when the job also requires you to be mentally engaged. It is also hard to integrate into university life, and close to my classmates when I consistently leave early to go to work. As a result, one of the sacrifices I have made throughout my studies is my social life.

What are some of your hobbies and passion projects?

I started photography as a way to serve in the church and I fell in love with it! Now photography is my side hustle and I am an event photographer. I particularly enjoy shooting outdoor festivals and live music shows. I am determined to use my camera to document the different ways in which people of colour in Berlin come together, celebrate, or showcase their work

I also recently started a podcast! Afro Comb is a conversation-style podcast where each episode is an interview with a person of African descent living in Europe.

How does Ropafadzo Murombo like to relax?

I am a HUGE foodie. Food is how I celebrate, rest, let loose, enjoy life, cry, heal, everything. Food is my love language. Whether it is cooking it, or going out to eat, or ordering it in, food makes me happy.

Finally, I love travelling. Travel is my favourite way to relax, to let loose. My motto is work hard travel hard lol.

Lastly, what do you hold dear?

Firstly, I am a Christian. I love going to church and my relationship with God is what keeps me grounded and His word helps me navigate all of the many, many different things I have going on.

Finally, I have amazing friends and family who love me as I am and support me wholeheartedly. It is because of them that I am able to then find the strength to go after all my dreams and goals!

Listen to Ropafadzo Murombo's latest episode, Curls Matter, where she talks about how she learned to love her natural hair with her guest, Dzorai.

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