It's The Simple Things

Updated: Jan 30, 2018

Given the high speed that many of us live our lives, a peaceful getaway every now and then is much needed. At the heart of Glen Lorne, a good distance away from it all, lies Simple Pleasures, a hidden gem that does a peaceful cream tea once a month

At the peaceful home of the lovely hostess, Mary Hatendi, one is welcomed onto a verandah that looks out over an expansive lawn and a clear blue swimming pool, characteristic of the homes in the area. Soft, soothing music comes out of an invisible speaker, making it impossible for you not to relax.

Having visited before, I knew what to expect and had been looking forward to it all week. We hadn’t been seated too long when the first half of our tea arrived; a platter made up of spinach feta quiche, vegetable and beef samosas, homemade fish fingers with tartar sauce and a carrot and ginger fritters, all accompanied by a cool Mazoe punch with delicate hints of mint.

Everything was, as before, delicious. The quiche was creamy with a pleasant crumbly base, the fish fingers were wonderfully filling and the samoosas were beautifully crisp and spicy with the sweetness of the carrot and ginger fritters balancing them out perfectly.

Before we went forward with the sweeter half of the tea, we took a moment to enjoy each other’s company, the soft chatter of nearby tea-goers and the cool breeze that alleviated the afternoon heat that is typical of a January afternoon in Zimbabwe.

I think we can all agree that no high tea is complete without cake. This past Saturday, there were four cake options; chocolate, red velvet, carrot with a cream cheese frosting and scones with cream and jam. As always, the carrot cake was a winner. The warmth of the cake and the sweetness of the frosting complemented each other perfectly. The chocolate cake was a bit too sweet on my side but the red velvet was perfect and, although I’m generally not a big fan of scones, these were enjoyable. My dessert was accompanied by a warm spice tea, which went particularly well with the carrot cake.

If you’re ever in need of a peaceful getaway, promising serene surroundings and tasty treats, #simplepleasureszw is the perfect place.

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