Optimizing Personal Growth: How To Turn Boredom Into Productivity

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

by Gaby Levey

We waste time. It’s true. Every time we arrive early for a meeting, wait in line, commute, daydream or procrastinate, we waste small, seemingly insignificant, bites of time.

We may not be able to gain those cumulative minutes back, but we most certainly can turn them into opportunities to grow, learn and practice self-care. Here are three of my favourite apps that keep me in check, away from the mindnumbing-ness of the Facebook and Instagram default.

Thrive Global

Founded by Ariana Huffington of Huffington Post, Thrive Global is an online platform that offers more than just a few insightful (and short!) articles about health, well-being and thriving at home and at work. With a variety of linked apps, Thrive Global gives you the opportunity to indulge your mind with inspiration through podcasts, well-being surveys, and personal growth e-courses to help keep you from burning out.

TED Talks

Ideas worth spreading.

With an average run time of 10 to 18 minutes, TED talks (and blogs) are set to inspire, motivate and educate during your tea break. If you need a giggle, some cultural exposure, or just some good advice, TED invites a wide range of guests from a variety of disciplines such as technology, psychology and business, to engage your curiosity and ignite a sense of global collaboration in building a better future.


Offering a good range of statistical data about social media use by minutes and number of device unlocks per day in comparison to other app users, AntiSocial is an app, designed to restrict other apps. By giving you the option to nip your social media addiction in the bud, “AntiSocial feels strongly about empowering the user by giving them the information they need to take necessary action.” You can lock certain apps manually and restrict access at certain times of the day to avoid the Facebook time-killer. They even give you a score each week and some motivation to keep your progress going: “Well done, you have a life that is not on your phone screen”. This app has now been combined with Freedom to create one new app.

So, if you’re bored of scrolling through Instagram, you’re sick of wasting snippets of your time because of your perfect time-management skills, or you’d just like to work on yourself and start being more productive, these are the tools to help you get started. All three sites are available in app form, and online (if you prefer to link them to your home screen) and they will optimize your life, 5 minutes at a time.

About the Author

Hi, I'm Gaby, I am a fourth-year undergraduate (senior honours) Comparative Literature and Film Studies student at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, due to graduate in June 2018. I aspire to become a professional media practitioner well versed in film, television, social media and health & fitness. My particular interests lie the in the social & cultural psychology of our global community and health communication. I am an avid amateur bodybuilder, with a love for food, books, and TED talks, as well as helping people improve their mental and physical well-being through positive motivation and practising mindfulness. Feel free to connect with me on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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