Staying on Track with Fit Café

Eating out can be something of a mission when you’ve got specific health and fitness goals. Often, the healthy options are anything but; sandwiches are always toasted in butter, wraps are full of unnecessary creams and sauces and the salads are either dry and unappetising or full of oil for some reason.

Zimbabwe’s never really had restaurants that specialise in legitimately healthy food, but that’s a thing of the past now, thanks to Fit Café, a niche restaurant and catering service that provides food prepared by qualified nutritionist and chef, Tanya Crous.

Fit Café promises to deliver healthy food that isn’t boring and that caters to your every health and fitness need. Whether you’re vegan, putting on muscle, on a Banting diet or gluten free, you can be guaranteed to find something to your liking.

My first visit to their restaurant did not disappoint. I had soft shell chicken tacos with avocado and salad (on a whole-wheat wrap, of course) and my sister ordered ‘The Chick’ salad made up of chicken, kale chips, roasted cherry tomatoes, avocado and classic green leaves. Finally, I opted for the Kariba Sunset, a fresh juice comprised of orange, carrot, ginger and red pepper.

While I often stay away from wraps for various reasons (not enough flavour, far too much sauce) this one was absolutely delicious. If, like me, you’re wary of hidden calories, you’ll appreciate eating something that tastes amazing knowing there’s no danger of going off track. In addition, the portion size was perfect. All too often, restaurants give us gigantic portions, which, while delightful for the foodies within, is not good news for our health. The portions here were just enough to keep you full and completely satisfied without going overboard.

A few of the things I loved

-Specific reference made to meals suited to bodybuilding (chicken breast, brown rice and sweet potato all made an appearance)

-Not having to spend ages removing bits and pieces to make sure the meal suited my needs

-The option to add whey protein to smoothies

-the presentation (take-aways are often unappealingly packaged but there was so much care and effort put into packing the tacos and the salad)

-how helpful the waiter was in taking my order.

If you're looking for more than a once-off healthy meal, you can try one of their Bundle Deals, which include The Detox Bundle to help kickstart your healthy lifestyle and The Bundle Deal, a full package of meals, juices and snacks for a week! Whatever your healthy eating needs, Fit Cafe will have something for you! (PS, they deliver too!)

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